Caitlyn – League of Legends [2015]

Caitlyn – League of Legends [2015]

Project Details

  • Total Cost

  • Materials

    • Fabric - Purple dress found at Goodwill | White Satin Sheer | White Tulle | Brown Vinyl
    • Regular Top Hat from costume shop
    • Insulation Board
    • Foam board
    • Cardboard
    • Worbla
    • X-acto knife
    • Cutting mat
    • Velcro
    • Thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
    • Gesso
    • Acrylic Paint - Gold | Brown | Copper | Teal | White | Black
    • Spray paint
  • Hours Spent

    ~50 hours
  • Skills Needed

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Project Description

I’ve played League of Legends off and on for a year. It’s been the first game I’ve really gotten back into after my gaming hiatus though it is still touch and go. As I started playing the free-to-play characters, Caitlyn stood out immediately as one of my favorite champions. Plus, purple IS my favorite, I prefer ranged characters across multiple game genres, and she does some colorguard moves with her gun. I mean, it was a perfect match!

I set out with the idea to be efficient and frugal across the board. Some things shifted after learning what was or wasn’t working. This cosplay was relative simple though the rifle was the most time intensive and challenging piece.


Hat & Outfit
I had a top hat from an old halloween costume of a friend in my closet that I build onto, and the dress I found at Goodwill for $9 and altered accordingly. I shortened the dress by about 8 inches and used that piece of fabric to create the collar. I had some white sheerish silk and white ruffle ribbon (leftover from my Hook cosplay).  Frugal was the name of the game!

Her hat is a bit of an odd shape, but followed the basic shape of a top hat. Cardboard, foam board, and paper mache were used to build the structure and fabric was used to cover it.

Here’s my hat tutorial for reference.

“Leather” arm bands, leg bands, belt, and holster

I found some clearance vinyl at Joann Fabric and decided to give it a try. I had struggled to find enough similar leather belts as well as leather supplies that were affordable.

Hat, Outfit & Accesorries Tutorial Coming Soon…

I owned a pair of boots by Kelly & Katie that are no longer in stock. I created the gold tips used foam, Worbla, and paint. They are secured used clear elastic on the bottom and some SuperGlue on the base of the boot. I wanted to make sure I could take them off and still have a usable, daily pair of brown boots!


This was by far the most time intensive prop to date. There are a few adjustments that needs to be made, but this is the final product from the initial build process.


Caitlyn’s Rifle Tutorial


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