Illidan Stormrage – World of Warcraft [2014]

Illidan Stormrage – World of Warcraft [2014]

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I wanted to challenge myself for this years DragonCon. I felt moderately confident with foam and fabric, but found Worbla to be an interesting medium that could provide the challenge that I was looking for. This project has been fun and stressful. I started over with almost every piece I made, because I found certain techniques just didn’t work. Seeing things come together and having a lot of lead time means I got to make adjustments without fear of not finishing in time! Here are the results…



Illidan doesn’t have much in the armor department. A tabard and pants are all he wears. Because I wanted to make it a bit feminine, I chose to use leggings. I found some black leggings at Ross for 4.99 that worked perfectly for the base.

For the tabard belt, I used a foam base and covered it in a beige fur. The green tabards were cut out from a green cotton fabric and gold bias tape was added around the edges. For the design on the front tabard, I used a gold fabric backed with interfacing, because the gold fabric I had was prone to unraveling. I made a stencil with paper, and cut out the detailed pieces, then sewed them onto the fabric. Each green piece was glued to the fur belt.

To secure, I used a D-ring on one side of the belt and a strip of fabric with velcro attached on the underside of the front tabard. I could pull and adjust the tightness of the belt and conceal the excess under the tabard.

Horns & Wig
Click here for my tutorial on how I made the horns, how I attached them to my head, and what wigs I used.

I used this tutorial to make my hooves. They turned out decent, but a little bulky.

Write-up and images coming soon….

Warglaives of Azzinoth
You can read here how I made the glaives!


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