Lady Alexstrasza – World of Warcraft [2013]

Lady Alexstrasza – World of Warcraft [2013]

Project Details

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  • Materials

    • Fabric - Burgendy Polyester | Gold Costume | Black Plastic Leather
    • Hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
    • Foam core
    • X-acto knife
    • Cutting mat
    • Sculpy III
    • Velcro
    • Acrylic paint - Black
    • Varnish - High gloss
    • Paintbrush
    • Pair of boots
    • Old bra
    • Underwear
    • Wig
    • Needle and Thread
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Project Description

This costume was for DragonCon 2013. I had considered doing Lady Alexstrasza for months. I had reservations, because I didn’t think I had the skill set to put it together after the last costume I had done. As my second official cosplay, but technically my first attempt to make something legit, I was still unsure on what to use and what to do, but I used some items I had on hand along with purchasing some additional items.

I apologize for not having images to show my build progress. I did this in about a month so I was more focused on the actual build instead of documenting my every move. Plus, I had no idea that I would be doing tutorials, so I just was not prepared!



Each armor piece was created using the same method. I started with the arm guards. Using some sketch paper (I’d recommend newsprint because it’s cheaper), I created a pattern by wrapping the paper around my arm in the shape I was looking for. Then, I would tape it to maintain the shape while I drew a line where the bottom, top, and closure line of the piece would be. Once the paper was removed, I cut along the lines to create the pattern. I’d double check to make sure the pattern was correct before moving on. I transferred the pattern onto foam core by a simple outline and then cut 2 pieces out using an X-acto knife. Once the base of each armor piece was created, I used a lighter to mold the pieces. Just a few seconds down the middle of each piece and then repeat at about 25% in on each side. It really doesn’t take much and the smell can be a bit much so I recommend a well-ventilated area. Once finished, I hot glued the burgundy fabric onto the foam.

Once the main fabric is attached, I worked on the gold trim. I cut strips of foam the length of each piece of armor and hot glued gold fabric to the foam. Once the gold trim is completely covered, I attached the trim using hot glue. Rinse and repeat which all armor pieces – choker, headband, leg plates, etc.

The chestpiece was created using a bra as the base and adding fabric and foam along with some additional velco to the back. The underwear was a pair of underwear wrapped in fabric.

The shoulders are just shoulder pads wrapped in fabric and the gold trim. They are secured to the choker via fishing wire. They also needed spirit gum to stay on my shoulders.

The cap is a trapezoid shape of shear satin in burgundy that I cut holes in the bottom of to replicate the pattern from the game. To measure, I just laid the fabric on the ground and then laid on top of it to see where I wanted it to stop, then I cut!

The purple portion of the legs are purple fabric sewn to make the leggings. Gold bands were glued to it around the calf and thighs. The thick band at the top is foam wrapped fabric again! The purple fabric is secured to the underside of that large band. The upper thigh plate is also secured to the thick upper gold band. Black vinyl that I had from a previous project was used for the upper thigh bands. I used hot glue to secure the velco, but due to the excess sweating that occurred, the velcro did come off. Once the boots are on, the legs are complete. The boots cover the bottom of the purple leggings.

The black vinyl used for the thigh bands was also used for the upper arm bands and the small choker. Rectangle of fabric with velcro sewn in to secure each piece.

I bought some burgundy satin gloves for the base and added the gold finger tips (yes, foam wrapped in fabric). The arm guards slide over my hands.


I had a pair of boots that I hadn’t worn in a while but were very similar to two other pairs that I often wear. I wrapped the top portion of the boot starting at the back and hot gluing from top to bottom for a clean seam. Slowly pulling and hot gluing in select areas. Once at the front, I had to cut some fabric in order to keep the fabric tight. Once the fabric was wrapped all the way to the back, hot glue to secure and create a seam. Using a square piece of fabric, stretch across the front of the shoe. Trim the bottom to be flush with the bottom of the shoe. Apply the gold strips to finish the shoes.

The leg plates were hot glued to the boots.


The wig was purchased at a local costume shop. It is a Sepia brand wig in burgundy. I did no major styling to it. I cut the bangs a bit to make them come to a point once they were under the headband. I made the headband out of foam cut in a curve shape. Then, it was wrapped in the same fabric as  the rest of the armor. The three small gems were hot glued onto gold fabric circles that were slightly wider than the gem.

The gems were made out of the clay. You can read my tutorial here on how I made the gems.

The horns were made from foam as well. You can read my tutorial here.

Pain Points

The arm guards became a bit cumbersome because they weren’t secured to anything initially. I tried using velcro, but I had sweat a lot already on the gloves and the velcro wasn’t sticking. I still have issues with this.

The chestpiece was a bit of a rush and I struggled to keep it up. It was my second version of the chestpiece since the first I tried to create using straight foam didn’t fit well. I would not recommend covering a bra. A sturdier structure is the lesson I learned with this version.

I will never do details the same way again. It is what took the most time and is what caused the most burns to my fingertips. If I did this costume again, I would use paint.

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