Steampunk Poison Ivy – Concept sketch on DeviantArt [2014]

Steampunk Poison Ivy – Concept sketch on DeviantArt [2014]

Project Details

  • Total Cost

  • Materials

    • Fabric - Dance/Swim Solid in Kelly Green | Metallic Mesh in Green | Foiled Tulle in Jade | Scrap Cotton in white
    • Hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
    • Foam core
    • Artifical Roses | Ivy | Small flowers
    • Double sided Bias tape in Black
    • X-acto knife
    • Cutting mat
    • Velcro
    • Elastic band - 2"and .25"
    • Thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Wig
    • Thin Handband
  • Hours Spent

    about 65
  • Skills Needed

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Project Description

An event came up with a tight turnaround that involved a theme of DC/Marvel Villains. I saw this Steampunk Poison Ivy by Noflutter on an episode of Heroes of Cosplay, and knew it was something I could do. I am an advocate of making things from scratch and by myself, but I knew this was one task I just couldn’t do everything on my own within the timeframe. I bought a corset from a local costume shop and pieced together the rest of the costume around that.


The skirt is two different layers of tulle with a top layer of the performance fabric. Why performance fabric? It was the only one that matched the color of the corset. Sometimes, you just don’t have a lot of options when you are under a time constraint. Also, this fabric was 16.99/yd! I was able to use some coupons to help bring the cost down overall, but the base cost is still a lot higher than I would have liked. Each layer of tulle is about 35″ long and pinned so that it was bunched up a bit to give it some volume and texture. I worked without a pattern, and upon close inspection it shows in some areas. This is going to be adjusted if I can get some spare time. The waist band is 2″ wide elastic. It sits pretty high on my waist to ensure it doesn’t slip down.

The outside of the skirt is two pieces of 63″ long performance fabric doubled over. It was a lot of ruching. I found this tutorial that gave me the amount of fabric I would need, but I didn’t follow the instructions and just went for it.

The leaves and flowers are hot glued around the edges in a random pattern with the rose pinned at the hip. I didn’t hot glue it because I wanted to give myself the flexibility to leave it off or move it as I saw fit.

Boot Covers/Leggings
I used the same fabric as I used on the skirt. Cut a rectangle that was a little wider than the circumference of my thigh and then sewed front the top down, at an angle, until I got to about the middle of the fabric at the bottom. The foot piece failed miserably so I just stuffed them into my boot. I really need to learn how to do this right!

I watched this tutorial to guide me on how to make the top hat. Instead of cardstock, I used the same performance fabric that I’d used on the skirt, boots, and arm guards. The only downside is that it is a stretch fabric, so as you begin to wrap – if you aren’t careful – you can overstretch and cause so lumps. Double-sided bias tape was used for the band around the base along with the scrap white cotton for the rectangular white section on the front. The thin .25″ elastic band I tied in knots and hot glued from side to side. I used a few ivy leaves and flowers for accents.

The hat was then hot glued to the headband.

I had some scrap fake leather in my possession that I cut for the base. I bought some RV backup mirrors (located in sporting goods) and used those for the lenses. I also had some D rings – or in this case, they were rectangles – that I glued to the frame. Using the double-sided bias tape, I created a strap about 20″ long, added some velco to opposing sides, and secured it to one of the rings to create an adjustable band.

The arm guards are rectangular pieces of fabric with a slight indentation so they hug my wrists. I cut the thumb holes and that was that!

The flower in my hair is made just the same as the one on my hip. Using an artificial rose, I removed the plastic frames from within the flower and pieced it back together with a little hot glue between each layer. One, this removed the weird tube tip at the base of the rose and two, this allowed the rose to open up a little more. Glue a couple of ivy leaves to the base to finish the look. I used foam, but felt fabric is a better choice to use for a base to glue the entire flower/ivy combo to. Just make sure it’s smaller than the circumference of the flower so it doesn’t show.  From here, you can use a hair accessory of your choice to secure it to the hair. I used an alligator style clip without the hot glue. The glue was not adhering to the clip for some reason and kept peeling off too easily.

My shoes were just a pair of boots I’ve owned for a few years. I think I got them at DSW.

The choker is two pieces of left and right facing trapezoid shaped pieces of fabric sewn together and secured with velcro in the back.

The corset, shorts with garters and wig were all purchased at Lucy in Disguise. I had bought some green thigh highs that I ended up not using, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for them in the future! Overall, I’m happy with the costume!

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