What to Expect if You Cosplay


As a still newer cosplayer, I’m still learning with each project and convention. What I can offer is a highlight of what I’ve experienced and what you might experience should you plan to attend a convention as a cosplayer in the future.

A good cosplay will garner attention.

Be prepared to have your picture taken. It might sound cheesy, but practice how you would pose for pictures. Have a couple of poses to choose from and change it up. Just have fun! It’s really that simple.

A good cosplay will garner attention.

I’m saying this again, because I think it can blindside you if you don’t know what to expect. You might think you are just having fun, but you might overlook the fact that there are people – lots of people. Plan your agenda carefully. If you want to get to a panel, show, eat, pee, be prepared to say “no” to photographs and give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going.

You’re going to meet some awesome folks!

As with any hobby, you are going to find people that you click with. If you find someone or even a group that is dressed like you (or example, if you are dressed as Leeloo from the movie The Fifth Element and you run into Korben and Zorg), I can almost 100% confirm you will be accepted into that group for photographs. Depending on your new bond, you may find long term friendship because of it. You may even start to plan future conventions with the new friends you meet. I speak from experience, and I can’t wait for this year’s con to arrive.

You might get addicted. 

Some people do it for the attention. Some people do it for the love of the craft. It doesn’t matter how you started or why, but I think we all do it, because it’s just ridiculously fun. The cosplay community is very welcoming. The first time I stepped into a convention in costume, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Then I started having my picture taken. I ran into others that were dressed as characters from the same video game, and we all just fell into place. That is what got me. You are welcomed and encouraged to be what or who you want. The following year, I told myself I was going to be in the parade. Now, what was once 1 costume for the convention has snowballed into 3 or more.

So get ready to have a blast!

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