Working with EVA foam

A collective list of answers to the most common questions asked when working with EVA foam. This list will continue to grow over time.

What tools should I use for foam?
– X-acto knives and lots of blades
– Ruler
– Compass
– Sharpie (silver works best on black foam)

What do you I use to glue the foam?
– Barge contact cement (recommended)
– Weldwood contact cement

How do I smooth the foam?
– Sand paper (Use various grades to get to a smooth finish)
– Dremel with sand paper tip

What do I use to fill in the gaps?
– Kwik seal silicone

How do I seal the foam?
– Use a heat gun first
– A few layers of wood glue
– Plastidip

How do I add textures to foam?
– For leather, use crinkled aluminum foil
– For grooves, score the foam and then use a heat gun to separate the foam
– For battle damage, same as above or cut out triangular shaped sections out

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